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Jun 30, 2022

As a technologist, visionary, and social impact entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Arnaud Saint-Paul's mission is to move the world with his message of conscious leadership.

Arnaud invites entrepreneurs to tap into their heart vision, fulfill their true purpose and do business from the heart. He shares the science and spirituality principles that help people achieve their full potential by living a life of going deeper into themselves and achieving alignment with oneself that impactfully transforms life and business. 

Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast —3 Ways To Invite More Harmony In Your Life

with Arnaud Saint-Paul.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Arnaud describes the web of layers in the heart. Our hearts are at the very bottom of us, where we add layers of identification to anything we have in our reality, our past, future, and ourselves. This often leads to hiding the basis of our being, our desires, and what we can be capable of giving out of love and compassion.

✔️ The expectations of the future. When you open your heart, honor your process, and trust your reality —everything that is meant for you is already coming your way. Stay connected in the present moment and marvel at possibilities unfolding. Freedom is here.

✔️ The heartful leader serves from a place of humility, compassion, and empathy, understanding that every person they encounter is a reflection of one's self. 

✔️ Love in the business context requires conscious capitalism and conscious leadership. 

✔️ Arnaud teaches three ways to find harmony within 1) To push the pause button and become aware of that moment. 2) To accept what is expressing itself in the now. It is a good starting point without judgment. 3) To embrace it even if you may not understand whatever is happening at this moment

✔️ The concept of GIVE Nation and creating blockchain systems enables kids from four years old to become philanthropists and practice sustainable financial literacy.


Arnaud Saint-Paul 

As a philanthropist and award-winning serial software, finance, and social impact entrepreneur for more than 20 years, living between Los Angeles and Paris, Arnaud went through his awakening when he was 13. While having a successful career in Finance and Technology across continents, he has been traveling throughout the world to study the different religions and philosophies in his relentless quest to understand himself. 

Arnaud has been featured in different events, podcasts, and international conferences, including Conscious Capitalism & Women in Technology International

He recently published a book entitled "I: I is born," a unique tool to become a more conscious leader.

His life purpose is now to open billions of hearts and help them find harmony inside and out.

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