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The Conscious Marketer

Sep 16, 2021

Conscious marketers are invested in making an impact. The transformation space is about helping people discover their purpose and passions. Today’s guest is Eiji Morishita, Chief Movement Maker who is great at both.

He shares strategies and best practices to start, grow and lead a movement. He considers it the absolute best marketing strategy for businesses looking to make an impact.

How can you create a movement?

A movement must come from an inspired place. It starts with a vision and needs to be greater than what you can do on your own. Others will want to help when they see how they can fit into the bigger plan.

Tip: Follow the feeling. Fear will show up. Eiji shares that’s when you know you have something to learn. Keep moving forward.

Take action until you get a sign to stop. Inspired action is the beginning. Obstacles will arise. It’s important to continue to move forward. When you take the next step solutions show up with a dose of support from the Universe.

Eiji explains how this has worked for him in a project that went from giving out free hugs to building schools with recycled materials. The incredible impact that followed wasn’t part of the original inspired plan. He shares how it was exactly the path required, in an unpredictable and unexpected way.

Tip: Be fast, be fluid, be flexible. “It’s in the adjustments that gets results.”

Why is a movement such a great strategy?

Morishita defines movement as: an active community that takes action. When a person in the community takes the values and vison as their own.

3 Trends that support a movement.

  1. The rise of activism. Get people motivated to take action.
  2. Conscious consumerism. People are voting with their dollars.
  3. The reputation economy matters. We trust each other more than advertisers.

The three phases of growth:

  • Ideation and monetization. Lead ourselves.
    This is where you find out what works. What will people pay for? Can you find investors or begin to build a community?

  • Lead others.

Once you know what works, build teams, and put systems in place.

  • Lead leaders.

Receive a return on your investment financially and/or create a ripple of impact.

Movement makers without martyrdom is sustainable. In the past people with a mission often felt that it couldn’t be profitable, or it had to come at the expense of family life. When you use the 3 phases, it’s sustainable because it’s profitable as well as making an impact.

Find your first follower.

It starts with a few people. Empower them to take the idea and spread it with you and beyond you. When you have a shared vision, collaboration allows ideas to spread.

Who am I to start and/or lead a movement?

If you have a vision the best way to start is taking step one. Connect with like-minded people (subscribe to this podcast for continued support) and find an environment where you can thrive.

The best time to begin? Today. If you aren’t ready to start your own, join a movement! Find out how you can help while you learn how to create your own.

Connect with Eiji:

Movement Makers Website

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