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The Conscious Marketer

Nov 25, 2021

Do you deliver incredible results and wish you could share client successes without feeling like you’re bragging? This episode is for you. Richard and Kylie discuss the power of client testimonials.

Kylie breaks down the process that she uses for herself and Conscious Marketer clients. Get ready to take notes and start capturing the great stories your clients want to share about you, your work, and more importantly, their success.

Testimonials as Social Proof

The real power of the testimonial is the social proof. It’s evidence that your product or service worked for someone who hired you or purchased from you.

It’s one of the fastest ways to develop trust with potential clients. When others share their results, it’s easier for a new client to trust that you will be able to deliver for them as well.

Kylie’s testimonial framework:

● Begin with the before picture. Kylie explains why this is so powerful.

● Show the messy middle. Credibility comes from hearing the struggles as well as the achieved result.

● Share the transformation. Show how this builds trust and the one thing that matters most.

Richard outlines how an honest review helps people see the possibilities before and even after a purchase. The testimonial can acknowledge pain points as a sincere part of sharing how working with you (or buying your product) benefitted them.

How to ask for testimonials.

● Get detailed information about what was going on before the purchase/hire.

● How was this problem or challenge impacting you? Kylie shares the 4 key areas that people can connect to.

● Why did you buy? Why did you believe you were going to get results?

● What challenges did you experience while working with us?

● What happened after receiving the support?

Kylie walks through this process step by step. Hear how you can accommodate different learning styles for the people who will be checking out your testimonials.

Bonus: Richard shares his strategy to start with the offer first. This will help you frame the results in a way that helps clients see the potential. It’s a powerful way to hold space for those results as they work with you.

The best time to ask for a testimonial is while your client is experiencing the transformation. Give them the chance to provide you with their feedback. Make this part of your client process.

Using testimonials is a core part of the Conscious Marketer sales strategy. It’s one of the best ways to help people understand the power of the transformation while establishing trust and credibility.

Resources: Michael Hauge of Story Mastery