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The Conscious Marketer

Nov 4, 2021

Conscious marketers believe in providing value in all aspects of their work. Overdelivering is a part of the conscious marketer ethos. On this episode Richard and Kylie are joined by Brian Kurtz, the author of Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing to talk about what overdelivering means, and how to do it.

As a business-to-consumer marketer Brian has been responsible for 2 billion dollars worth of product sales. He considers himself a serial direct marketer with a foundation in the “eternal truths” of direct response marketing.

Hear how “paying for the stamp” helped Brian understand the power of storytelling. As he explains, in direct mail you can’t do double mailings and follow-up campaigns. Therefore, you have to make sure the story is powerful and compelling to make the sale and be profitable.

“An eternal marketing truth: believe your numbers. Hear how he breaks down why statistics and testing matters. To see if your story is connecting with your audience, implement testing so you can accurately understand how it’s impacting your market.

Richard and Brian break down mission driven marketing. Marketing is relative to who you are, your brand and how you want to show up. When he knows he can help transform someone’s life, Brian explains how compelled he is to reach more people. Why settle for helping hundreds if you can reach millions? Find out how “saving lives” is a good place to start!

Don’t like marketing? See this part of your work in a new perspective. Hint: how can you share the mission and vision to the marketing team who can put your story and your words into marketing that aligns with you?

Overdelivering means having a mindset that you will give 100% with no expectation of a return. Brian’s approach to reciprocation is not what most online marketers describe, it’s better. You’ll appreciate the wisdom and generosity of this approach from his lifetime of giving value.

Check out the resources and Brian’s book with all the amazing bonuses and find out how overdelivering can work for you.


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