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The Conscious Marketer

Jun 23, 2022

Everything is rapidly changing.

From the economic environment to the political landscape, the unpredictability of current events is calling marketers to be more nimble and flexible in their copywriting to suit the collective consciousness.

So even with all the ups and downs, how can you keep and grow your audience with your messaging?

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — Relevant Content with Kylie Slavik and Richard Taubinger.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️  Speak into what people are going through. Tie aspirational concepts to real-world issues. For example, what are the benefits of expanding one’s consciousness to someone’s finances? Physical health? Relationships?

✔️  Lead people to their goals. What do they want to achieve?

What are their needs? How can we help them through our messaging? Help people feel more in control of their choices.

✔️  Sell the outcomes, not the method. Consider this when marketing your new framework, course, or service. Aim to elevate others out of a rut. Shiny new resources are worthless if they don’t encourage people to move.

✔️  Bring energy to your community. Humans are spiritual beings with so much untapped potential. Be a shining example of going after your vision. There’s no greater motivation than seeing others do THAT thing.

✔️  Carry a message of hope. Even if the future may look hopeless or bleak, craft stories that keep people’s heads up and be open to new opportunities. How can you encourage them to move forward?

✔️  Keep tapping into what’s happening. The world is going through a great transition of opportunity and growth. Stay grounded and continue to give your gifts to the world.


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