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The Conscious Marketer

Nov 11, 2021

Conscious Marketer clients are heart and soul focused and consider their work a sacred mission. A common thread is the reluctance to sell for fear of coming across pushy or uncaring. Its understandable.  

Selling doesn’t resonate. Serving is where they feel most comfortable. Today Richard and Kylie talk about how serving, not selling, can be the way you market your course, or book and other services.  

Kylie shares how she went from reluctant to being comfortable selling her services. When she was starting the concept of getting paid to do her work didn’t feel right. She loved helping her clients achieve great results and was okay with a small fee in exchange.  

Hear how that changed for her as she began to help clients become even more successful. It was a shift in self-worth that helped her recognize how much value she was creating. From there she realized she deserved to be compensated appropriately.  

Richard shares why he considers marketing and selling a sacred obligation. This is a shift that starts with your mind-set. Hear how you can serve before selling so that your audience is attracted to what you are offering.  

Sales conversations: what they are and what they are not.  

Hear how Kylie and mom had a car salesman sell to them by being of service first. It’s a great way to frame how a conversation is all about making sure what’s being bought and sold is a good fit for both parties in the transaction.  

A sales conversation is an opportunity to understand someone and what they need. That’s where it starts. Every time. It should be as empowering for you as it is for them.  

Why everyone is not a potential client.  

You want to bring in people that are highly aligned with what you can deliver. It’s tempting to want to sell to everyone but it’s not effective. When you can speak so clearly to the results your target audience needs, they’ll come to you, asking how they can hire you or buy your product/services.  

What’s the right ratio of providing value content and making an offer?  

Richard explains that there are people on both sides. Some offer value continuously but never makes an offer. Others, only offer and promote without sharing value.  

If you have something that’s available for sale all the time, Kylie suggests an 80/20 or even 90/10 ratio. Hear how that can look based on how often you share value and content.  

It’s important to make sure your content is geared to the offer that’s coming. Kylie shares 5 examples that will make this so much easier!  

What about launches?  

Richard explains the product launch sequence they use. Think about how you can really serve those who have joined your list looking for the valuable content you are sharing. It’s the best way to have people asking how they can work with you, no pressure sales required!