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The Conscious Marketer

May 19, 2022

We’ve been conditioned to feel ashamed of our fantasies.

Along with co-founder Kimi Inch, Kayce Neill aims to guide individuals in making their visions of intimacy a reality and remove the shame surrounding the exploration of one’s sexuality.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — Success With a Rare Niche with Richard Taubinger, Kylie Slavik & Kayce Neill.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Kayce and Kimi use humor to talk about these sensitive topics. Through this, they create a safe space where people can freely share their insights and ideas.

✔️ Identify your kinks. Kayce Neill defines a kink as “an act that turns us on that we personally consider taboo.” She believes that everyone has one - from the simple to the extreme - that most are too embarrassed to admit.

✔️ Focus on what you already have and do it better. Kayce trained her current audience to buy her products and services. She also explained her entire marketing process guided by Richard and Kylie’s mentorship.

✔️ You aren’t alone. Many of us believe that we’re the only ones suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma. Kayce encourages having an in-person support system for people with mental health issues.

✔️ We want trust and safety in a leader. It allows for self-expression, creativity, and empowerment in speaking our truth and our visions.

✔️ Our clients trust us more when our humanity shows. Consumers are tired of the bro sales pitch. People have become more receptive to relatable marketing where they can see the “real human” behind each post.

Show your vulnerabilities, but tread lightly.

✔️ Having hurdles to overcome doesn’t mean you’re broken. Therapists aren’t there to fix our traumas and anxieties. They’re there to help us navigate through them and find out what’s getting in the way of where we want to be.

✔️ Create long-term relationships with existing clients. Find new ways to serve them. This leads to more remarkable transformations, free word-of-mouth marketing, and greater possibilities.

✔️ Sales can be done with ease. It pays to invest in the best coaches and consultants. With the right tools and mindset going in, your audience and your profits will seamlessly be within your reach.

An amazing introduction to how you approach the erotic and what works best for you and your partners - and how to be able to meet them in a deep way. Questions, touch, sensory experiences, and a deep connection with others, will help you tune into what lights you up. You will learn why basking in your pleasure makes you magnetic. You will understand how authenticity with your erotic nature translates into authenticity in life. Kayce will teach you how to claim your desire, find your North Star, and attain conscious mastery both in and out of the bedroom.

Kayce Neill, MA, CHPC, CEBC, LAC is a renowned trauma therapist, intimacy and pleasure coach, dominatrix, courtesan, erotic educator, experienced High-Performance Coach, speaker, and highly trained Erotic Blueprints™ by Jaiya Coach for successful men, radiant women, and conscious couples.

Find more about her work at Kimi’s Instagram @kimiinch. You can also visit


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