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The Conscious Marketer

Sep 8, 2022

How can you increase the lifetime value of your customers?

Typically, it’s about doubling or tripling the money you initially spent on providing a service or product. But this mindset isn’t enough to keep customers in the long run.

Instead of focusing on monetary value, think about the lifetime transformation you want to help your customers achieve.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — The Lifetime Value of a Customer with Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:05:12] Provide value in the front end. Put everything on your website. Get out and speak on podcasts, teach on other people’s programs, and write inspiring copy.

[00:08:36] Find new problems. A transformation usually creates another problem to solve. Identify how you can bring your customers to a higher level of value and transformation. Hold their hand as you guide them in their journey.

[00:12:55] Make people want to stay. Aside from a natural magnetic connection, being consistent with your values and what you stand for encourages people to stick with you no matter what.

[00:15:31] Build trust. Be willing to unlearn ineffective ways and tweak solutions to get the outcomes your customer needs. You want to be a reliable source of answers. Leave them wanting more of what you provide.


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