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The Conscious Marketer

Aug 25, 2022

Life is all about making decisions, and it’s also the biggest chunk of the work in running a business.

Richard Taubinger shares his technique for making high-quality decisions that he has applied for the last 20 years, which involves putting himself in financial and energetic alignment with the option.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — The Secret to High-Quality Decision Making with Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:01:51] Decisions fall under three categories: The “Yes”, the “No”, and the neutral. Some decisions might look good on paper but turn out ineffective. It’s key to be receptive to the consciousness of your decision. 

[00:06:44] The secret technique. Tell yourself, “Yes, it’s in the highest good for me to do this.” Observe how your body reacts. If you feel an energetic charge, it’s a “Yes”. Feeling weak and drained means a “No”. However, neutral decisions mean that they don’t have significant effects on you – whether positive or negative.

[00:09:21] A “No” is met with more resistance. Recall times of saying “Yes” to a “No” that brought a terrine ending. Or saying “No” and being thankful you did in the end. Don’t try to game the system.

[00:12:06] Saying “Yes” to a “No” is a trap. The pitfalls that sway us into not trusting our intuition are money and status. It’s important to check if we are mission-aligned with a potential client or project. There are things we do out of scarcity, but when you look at it from a more abundant angle, you would never think of selling yourself out.

[00:19:37] Check if the neutral can turn into a “Yes”. Sometimes, it can also be a “No” as you realize that your core client base is valuable, and you don’t need to add more. Double up on your commitment to them.

[00:21:57] Play as the observer of your life. Try to stay in a space of neutrality as much as you can. Pay attention to subtle cues from the universe pointing you in the rightful direction.

[00:23:37] Fight the dissonance of a “Yes”. It may be because it’s too much work and effort, but you’re aware that it will take you somewhere. Tap into your divine guidance. The absence of rationalizing and reason is a “Yes”.

[00:29:28] Making high-quality decisions is a superpower. The smallest choices can change your life for the better. You’ll end up in a happier place to create and innovate.


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