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Oct 21, 2021

Stories sell. Want to know why it’s so powerful? Today Richard and Kylie talk to copywriting genius Adil Amarsi. From 2008 to 2020, his copy helped his clients make over $700 million (that’s $700,000,000.00) in confirmed sales.

He’s worked in a variety of niches and brands. His approach is story-based, and he specializes in understanding (and telling) the client’s core story.

Here’s a short version of his process:

  1. Why did you start doing what you are doing?

  2. What is a place in life that you’ve left behind that you can’t go back to?

  3. That is the place to start your story. (See the free resource link below to get the full formula)

Adil explains a great example of working with a client who didn’t think she had a story anyone would want to hear. This is something Richard and Kylie experience all the time with the healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs they work with.

Hear how he helped her identify her story (it’s powerful) and how she discovered the direct connection it has to the work she’s doing today.

What is your origin story?

Where do you come from? Think about your favorite movie or TV show. It’s something you’ve enjoyed even if you didn’t call it that. What is so much a part of you that it’s always been there? That’s a great place to start!

Would your clients be able to tell your origin story?

There are 7 basic plots. Using these formulas can help you tell your story. Sharing your journey is the story. Adil shares how you can develop over 1000 stories based on one life experience!

Richard shares a client story and asks Adil how to tell parts of her story that are painful so the energy remains positive. Adil breaks down how you can take a story of trauma and tell it in a positive, inspirational way.

This is an example of how we can take our message and share it with empathy and integrity as part of our marketing.

Next, they discuss the resources you can get to help you improve your copywriting and storytelling skills. Be sure to listen for the full list. You will also hear the strategies for people with a budget of $100. $1500 and $10,000.

Be prepared to take notes because you’ll hear the exact steps to take to create your own core story. (This is incredibly helpful!)

Kick Ass Secrets of a Marketing Rebel

The Copywriters Room

Story Marketing Method

The Power of Conscious Marketing

Winning the Story Wars

The last 5 minutes are must-listen (and you’ll want to bookmark this!) so you can hear it any day you need a quick infusion of happiness!


Get Adil’s Free Storyselling Matrix