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Dec 9, 2021

What’s it like to change the world? Today’s guest is Ryan Mckenzie and he’s going to share how his company Tru Earth is making an impact with eco-friendly laundry detergent products. Their tag line, Better for the People, Better for the Planet is the beginning of the story.  

Ryan has a deep knowledge of digital marketing. He’s worked in SEO, content marketing, digital magazines, and subscription boxes. He credits his experience (the successes and the failures) for preparing him for where he is today.  

You’ll be inspired by the Tru Earth brand story. Ryan, a father of two with a third child on the way was motivated by a video to start researching the use and recycling of plastic laundry containers.  

The statistics were sobering. There are a billion laundry jugs used in North America each year. Less than 30% are recycled. 700 million go into landfills every year.  

His business partner Brad had already talked to him about laundry strips that would eliminate the need for the plastic jugs completely. Could this be the solution to a very big problem?  

Ryan and team decided to do a minimum viable launch to see if the product would sell. He shares 3 of the strategies they used, and the results of each:  

  • Facebook ads 
  • Subscription box placement 
  • Google Ads 

Ryan also credits the timing of their launch for part of the success. Launching in April near earth day was beneficial since environmental issues were being talked about in the news.  

Hear how their first video Things you Should Never Mix with Water was created. Ryan explains that it went against all the “rules” but performed well, with over 50 million views and counting. It’s a great formula to follow. Humor helps Tue Earth encourage people to make little changes that add up.  

Ryan’s advice for others who want to make big changes; pick one thing that’s easy to stick with and built on that. A sequence of small changes creates big impact  

He also shares great business advice for those of us who are focused on making an impact. When your vision is about making a positive change in the world, it’s much easier to stay motivated and inspired.  


Tru Earth Website  

Atomic Habits by James Clear