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Oct 7, 2021

Today Richard and Kylie are talking with Tiffany Scott. Tiffany is a powerful, get-things-done person who also cares about others, so it’s no surprise that she’s talking about community.

Tiffany is a branding expert who has helped businesses across the globe for over 15 years in the lifestyle, personal development, fashion, and sporting arena. From her home country Australia, she’s worked with internationally known brands such as Speedo.

Now residing in Austin, Texas, Tiffany is the founder of YouMeShe Collective and helps purpose driven entrepreneurs and business owners who want to live a life with impact to create In-Demand brands.

What are the building blocks of a brand?

It starts with inner work. Tiffany shares her “mind mirror” method. No surprise to the Conscious Marketer group, it starts with values.

  • What do you value about the work that you do?
  • How do your values inform your vision, mission, services, and the people you connect with?
  • Start with an inner inquiry. Be willing to get granular about why you do what you do.

From there you can build your framework. This process allows you to have more experiential control. Think of the framework as your foundation, the never-changing parts of what you stand for.

“Stop marketing and focus on building communities instead.”

Tiffany explains that building community came from personal experience. When she lived in LA, the typical networking experience didn’t work for her.

She started a group to discuss branding and of course, her story was a key part of what attracted people. It was clear that something great was happening.

The people beginning to gather together felt valued and seen. They were bringing their friends. They were showing up for the community, the connections, the growing friendships.

One of Tiffany’s personal stories relates to “how do I help people find themselves?” This is personal because she’d been in a marriage that looked perfect from the outside. People didn’t understand why she left.

She chose herself, and while it was the right thing for her to do, it’s still something she considers the hardest thing she’s done in her life.

How do you share your story?

You must be willing as a conscious marketer to share your truth. You also have to be honest, and willing to lean into the people who get you because there will always be people who don’t.

Like the Conscious Marketer team, Tiffany is looking to change the marketing game. If you are trying to get something out there, her advice: be authentic. Tiffany shares an example that helps her stay authentic. (This is so helpful.)

  • What would make you feel like you’re sharing your voice in this moment?
  • How can you practice that in a real way?
  • Start with the little things that can lead to bigger impact.

You’ll hear how she’s made this part of her daily focus. When we are sharing our truth, it gives others the permission to do the same.

Connect with Tiffany:

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