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Jan 25, 2024

Feel overwhelmed by the complexities of marketing and storytelling? Tune into the latest episode where we delve into the art of crafting compelling narratives with guest Ben Patwa.

Ben, a renowned messaging expert and business growth strategist, shares his extraordinary journey from an aspiring basketball player facing physical setbacks to a celebrated coach and consultant. Discover how his experiences shaped his understanding of human behavior and communication, skills vital for effective storytelling and marketing.

This episode is packed with practical advice for entrepreneurs and marketers seeking to refine their storytelling techniques and make a lasting impact.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — Expertly Crafting Your Story and Messaging

Key points covered in this episode:

00:00:00 Introduction.

00:04:02 Overcoming Life-Threatening Health Crisis. Ben Patwa narrates his life-changing experience of overcoming a severe health crisis where both his kidneys failed, leading to emergency surgery. This pivotal moment in his athletic career marked the beginning of his journey into personal reinvention and resilience.

00:07:40 Transition from Athletics to Persuasion and Marketing. Ben discusses his transition from a successful athletic career to becoming an expert in persuasion, marketing, and storytelling. He attributes his skills in observation and behavioral mechanics to his success in both fields.

00:11:59 Ben's TED Talk Insights. Richard and Ben delve into the world of TED Talks, exploring the essence of delivering a message that resonates deeply with audiences. Ben emphasizes the importance of caring about what the audience needs to hear, rather than just focusing on self-expression.

00:15:58 The Art of Effective Communication. Ben discusses the necessity of aligning a talk's content with its core idea for maximum impact.

00:17:14 Audience-Centric Approach to TED Talks. Kylie inquires about crafting a TED Talk with a broad audience in mind. Ben suggests considering the audience's mindset, biases, and emotions you want to evoke. 

00:24:50 Marketing for Different Levels of Consciousness. Ben offers profound insights into marketing strategies that cater to different levels of human consciousness. He elaborates on the importance of knowing how the target audience processes information and what matters to them.

00:27:48 The Art of Persuasive Communication. Ben provides a real-time demonstration of his thought process in crafting a message, emphasizing the importance of creating curiosity and building a narrative. 

00:34:03 The Challenges of TED Talks and Idea Selection. Ben dives into the intricacies of TED Talks, discussing how certain topics may be shadow-banned or not fully embraced by the platform.

00:38:36 Matching the Message to the Audience and Occasion. Ben explores the importance of tailoring messages to suit the audience and the occasion, whether it's a TED talk, a corporate pitch, or a different platform. The necessity of understanding the audience's needs and expectations to effectively communicate and connect with them.

Ben Patwa, a dynamic Messaging Expert and Business Growth Strategist, joins us today with his profound insights and expertise. Renowned for his work with entrepreneurs, TEDx speakers, and major organizations globally, Ben stands out as a master of communication, messaging, and innovative sales strategies grounded in neuroscience and behavioral psychology. His diverse journey, spanning roles as a professional athlete, executive coach, and advisor to startups, has equipped him with unparalleled skills in shaping impactful messages.

His unique coaching approach not only pushes boundaries but also inspires clients to achieve new heights of performance. Rising rapidly as a thought leader in the consulting world, Ben Patwa is rapidly becoming a prominent and influential figure in the industry.

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