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The Conscious Marketer

Sep 16, 2021

Today, Richard and Kylie talk to another one of their favorite people, Sibyl Chavis, creator of The Possibility of Today Starter Kit and the Possibility of Today podcast.

You’re going to love her story. In the midst of a business trip, Sibyl saw a sign. It was confirmation of what she knew she needed to do. She was employed at what she had considered her “dream job” but knew it wasn’t where she was truly meant to be. After her trip she discussed making a big change with her husband. Soon after, the both quote their jobs on the same day and began a new chapter.

She shares the scary part of these changes (mortgage, kids, no definite plan) and the approach that helped them both make big changes.

Upspiraling is the strategy Sibyl used to see the path forward. Not knowing actually helped her build the strength to get where she wanted to go. Find out how you can use this same strategy on your own journey.

How did Conscious Marketing help actualize purpose?

Sibyl saw things through a different lens. After 10 years at a marketing firm, she knew that honoring the sacred space in which brands connect with an audience was the only way. It was important to her (and remains so) that there be no distinction between the marketing and the teachings. They are both intended to be helpful, leading to transformation.

All information has the ability to change how people feel. Why not show people the possibilities with inspiration and uplifting information? This is how Sibyl recognized the power of conscious marketing.

How can you spiral up?

  • Understand the journey. As long as you are showing up for the moment, you are moving forward.

  • You don’t have to have it all figured out. Remove the pressure of feeling like you have to know everything right now.

  • Don’t allow a set back to bring defeat. Look at opportunities for adjustments, inner work or limiting beliefs.

  • If you truly aren’t making progress (Sibyl calls this the infinite loop) it’s time to make a change. Be honest about what’s really going on.

What steps can people take to attain their “dream job”?

Sibyl explains her definition of “dream job”. It’s about living your purpose. If you don’t feel aligned where you are, take a step forward. Get things into motion. It’s also important to know that your purpose evolves. Change is part of living.

Can you over give? What happens when the tank is empty?

When you live a life of service, there’s so much to be done. It would be easy to work all the time and over-give leading to burnout.

Sibyl shares how she’s experienced that kind of burnout and how she’s learned to manage her energy so there’s always enough in the tank when it’s time to show up.

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