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Feb 3, 2022

To develop your mindset, strategy, and techniques, find mentors who can do each for you differently. These people will give you energy, time and genius and help you go beyond what you think is possible. Your mentor is there to hold space for your own greatness to come out with you taking action, and in return, you can hold space for others around you too. 

Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast — How to Choose the Right Mentor to Powerfully Move You Forward.

Key points covered in this episode: 

[00:00:52] As you move forward on your conscious marketing journey, whether creating online courses or running a small business somewhere, it is necessary to find the role of mentorship in your life. Richard Taubinger shares how often we refuse the call initially, but the universe magically usually puts a guide in our path as soon as we say yes. 

[00:02:34] Throughout your career, you will be blessed to have great mentors and not-so-good ones that will create a lot of learning for you. 

[00:04:40] You will discover that you can handle more than you think you can. Kylie Slavik shares this as the most powerful lesson she learned with mentors that pushed her hard in healing sessions to stretch her capacity to grow in exciting, unique ways.


[00:09:53] The #1 question to ask when finding a mentor: Have they attained and demonstrated the results you wish to accomplish? In many cases, people go to coaches that try to teach something that they haven't been able to master themselves.  

[00:11:40] The myth is that you're going to find one mentor in your life that's going to be the be-all, especially in business. They are specialized and will be more effective for your specific need or concern. 

[00:15:05]  Find an expert in three different areas: high-level strategy, mindset and implementation. 

[00:16:59] The more money is charged for a program, it often dictates how committed you're going to be. You get more skin in the game and are more motivated to extract the value out of the mentor by putting in the hard work. 

[00:19:32] Mentor hopping happens. Many conscious entrepreneurs go for the shiny new program and masterclass, enroll and learn about it, then take the next course and the next one. People stay as perpetual students, so they don't have to go out there and do the essential thing: TAKING ACTION.

[00:22:25] One of the complex things to do is what Richard Taubinger calls having the "multiple mentor personality disorder." It's having two or three mentors at the same time. If one person gives you advice and another mentor gives you a different one, that can be difficult, confusing and may downright hinder you from growing and getting to the direction you desire.

[00:25:29] If you're a mentor for other people and you actually don't have your own — you're a little bit out of alignment. This 2022, find a mentor you resonate with and who can see the dream that you may have for yourself is too small and help you create a bigger vision for what you can do in your life, the number of people you can impact and the value that you can bring to the world to fulfill your purpose. 


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