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Dec 30, 2021

Do you feel good about your desires? You should! And when your intuition speaks to you, take immediate action. It's the way to say to God or the universe: "I heard you, and I'm ready to receive!" 

Tune in to this new episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast — How to Use Your Intuition as a Wealth Generator with Kisma Donna Orbovich.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:00:59] Music and intuition. Discover Kisma's journey from a successful career playing the flute in an orchestra, to paying attention to an inner voice telling her to move back to the States and open a yoga studio. "This guiding voice -- I really do believe we all have access to it. I know we do. Sometimes we just shy away from it."

[00:08:42] There's an array of universal natural scientific laws that we work with. When we can access these unseen forces or hook up to a greater channel of a universal mind, we get answers when we are ready to receive.

[00:10:39] How to decrease the noise and connect with your intuition. Decongest your heads from the unnecessary buzz. Kisma shares, "I'm always a believer of morning time. I heard Neil Patel say this once and ask why you would hand your agenda over to the rest of the world?" The quality of your mornings dictates the tone of your day and how you attract prosperity. 

[00:15:08] Use your imaginations, which like intuition, is a higher faculty. Activate unlimited thought in your creative mind, just like the universe is constantly expanding -- so is the principle of life force expansion. We can grow into things that we never thought possible. 

[00:20:03] There are three core wounds that people operate from:

  • Fear of not being loved
  • Fear of not being safe
  • Fear of not being significant

When we can identify where people are and why they get paralyzed, where it comes from, we must release that.  

[00:29:10] Building a business is like a fast track to self-realization.  

Many successful entrepreneurs are the most spiritual people. They use their intuition and trust unseen forces to navigate life and business with faith.

[00:33:14] Wealth has a lot of different meanings, but it would be an abundance of having the ability to serve other people. Achieving a life of abundance and overflow equips us with an incredible ability to help others and operate in authentic purpose and calling.

Kisma Donna Orbovich is the creator of The Prosperity Code Coaching Method™, a spiritual self-coaching system for entrepreneurs and career professionals who want to create unimaginable prosperity and reach Self- Mastery. As CEO of Illumination Academy™, her focus is on helping people to understand and work with the natural and universal laws for prosperity in all ways—wealth, health, love, and spirituality. 

Her private clients consist of six and seven-figure entrepreneurs and CEO's of multi-million dollar companies. Kisma previously had a successful career as a classical flutist, performing globally, which brings high-performance objectivity to her coaching style. Kisma also brings into her coaching and training her studies of Vedanta Philosophy and frequently travels to India to deepen her knowledge.


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