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Jun 2, 2022

Marketing has typically been seen as a "means to an end" — more sales means more profit — and thereby has become unpleasant to many conscious and heart-based entrepreneurs.

For authentic marketing expert George Kao, marketing is a ministry and a way to explore our calling. It is also a journey of self-discovery and personal development that empowers us to stay true and thrive in making ethical and fulfilling work.

Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast —Marketing as a Way to Find/Refine Your Calling/Purpose with George Kao.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️The sweet spot of your passion and what the market wants. If you uncover this, you are blessed to find your niche. George encourages being brave enough to explore with our authenticity and being patient enough to wait for the ideal clients. They will come and respond, resonating with our energy signature.

✔️ Understand Authentic Business Quadrants. George explains multiple ways of getting to that sweet spot and finding your way to making meaningful income. 

✔️ You don't really need to get an MBA; just ask people what they want, what problems they need solved and match it to whatever your magic is. The journey of determining your ideal clients' starts from discovering yourself first and who you are here to be. That purpose becomes a passion that will manifest throughout your work.

✔️ Dear spiritual teachers, your marketing makes more impact in the world than your real client work. We can reframe how we are looking at our numbers. It doesn't matter how low or high conversion rates are and how many people reach out and buy our programs and services. George states, "Every email you send, the video you make, the Instagram post you put up makes a difference in many people's day that you don't even realize is happening. Karma is being developed as a result of that. If I care so much about that 1% conversion, what about the 99%? Do we understand the ripple effect we make on those who see our marketing message?"

✔️ Getting out of your own way. You know that you hold a message that can make a difference in many people's lives. You can feel it in your heart and soul, yet when it's time to go out there — you freeze and change your mind. George is no stranger to how self-consciousness can be paralyzing and shares what it was like recording himself in 2010. After he watched it, he never made another video ever again. He shares how he rose above his fears and that getting out of his own way was necessary to fulfill his purpose. 

✔️ Help clients raise their level by first raising yours with an accelerator group. Nothing works better than finding the right people and space to join and letting that energy carry you to higher chances of success.  

George Kao is an "authentic business coach" who advocates for integrity and compassion in marketing, instead of the predatory tactics we've all experienced as consumers. George has published 4 books, created 20 online courses, and offers many free videos about authentic marketing and joyful productivity at his website,

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