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Jan 4, 2024

Feel overwhelmed by navigating your stage presence and crafting authentic storytelling? Tune into our latest episode where we explore the art of mastering stage authority with the fascinating Vena Ramphal, a classical Indian dancer turned leadership coach.

Discover her tips on using conscious movement to enhance your stage presence, communicate your message more effectively, and unlock the layers of your personal story.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast —Mastering Authentic Storytelling And Stage Authority

Key points covered in this episode:

00:00:00 Introduction.

00:04:31 Body Language and Its Influence in Communication. Richard reflects on how physical posture and stance significantly impact the message we convey.

00:07:58 Uncovering Layers of Your Story Through Movement. Vena discusses the power of conscious movement in revealing deeper layers of personal stories.

00:12:57 The Power of Mudra in Expressing Freedom. Explore the use of mudra, or hand gestures, to embody the concept of freedom. This practice can significantly impact one's internal state and storytelling.

00:15:16 Refreshing Your Story with Embodiment Techniques. Vena addresses the challenge of keeping personal stories engaging over time. She shares techniques to keep narratives vibrant and captivating through physical preparation and embodiment.

00:19:06 Neuroscience and Conscious Movement. Richard delves into the neuroscience behind the movement, discussing its impact on brain states and presence. Vena shares her insights on symmetry and coherence in the brain, demonstrating how movement can change one's brainwave state and presence.

00:23:53 Experiencing Symmetry and Coherence. Vena leads a simple exercise to bring symmetry and coherence to the body and mind, enhancing presence and awareness.

00:30:38 Cultivating Freedom through Movement. Vena concludes with a movement exercise to cultivate and express a sense of freedom. This practice allows us to connect with our origin stories in a state of freedom, offering a unique perspective on storytelling.

00:34:07 The Elements in Storytelling. Vena discusses how different elements like fire and water can shape the way a story is told.

00:39:27 Encouragement to Share Stories. Vena emphasizes the importance of good people coming forward to share their stories, especially in a world that is currently between narratives.

Vena Ramphal, a former classical Indian dancer now celebrated as a leadership coach, shares her insights on mastering authentic storytelling and commanding stage presence. Transitioning from dance to leadership coaching, Vena has carved a niche for herself, teaching leaders to articulate their stories with compelling authority. Her unique approach has led her to appearances on platforms like BBC and Sky News, and features in publications such as GQ, Cosmopolitan, and The Financial Times. Her expertise not only captivates audiences but also transforms the art of communication in leadership.







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