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Jan 20, 2022

Summits have been around for a long time since the mid-2000s, when people dialed in to listen to multiple audio talks. Through the years, new models emerged where groups of people around a topic would come together for days. 

Today, one of the myths is that these summits don't work anymore, are overdone, and people are already tired of them. From my perspective, these seminars and dialogues with industry leaders are definitely not dead, but how they are created and organized must have a soul and genuine passion to truly make a mark.

 Learn more in this new episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast — Success With Online Summits with Richard Taubinger & Kylie Slavik.

Key points covered in this episode: 

[00:25] Summits are an online strategy slash business model. An average summit is probably five to seven days. A host then brings multiple experts to be interviewed or give a presentation. The summit's whole idea is that everybody who participates will opt-in and gain their emails in a list build.

[4:16] Summits are supposed to be a WIN for the host, the speakers, and the audience. Kylie Slavik emphasizes how this is a beautiful way to create value for an audience on topics they're interested in so that the summit host can build that list, and it’s an opportunity that puts the speakers in the spotlight.

[6:51] The key factor when designing the concept is to think of the larger movement behind it, and the second aspect is to think about how it's related to what's happening in the world now. 

[10:17] Don't underestimate a small summit. Richard Taubinger recommends starting small if you are reluctant to run events in 2022. Try this model of what is considered a "micro summit" by having five to seven speakers over three or four days. You don't see this run much because many people always try to go bigger, thinking it's better. But that isn’t always the case. You'll be surprised to find that the micro model really works well.

[16:44] Find a nice balance between basically the celebrities, the list builders and the experts. Occasionally, you will find somebody that hits all three of those. If they have an amazing topic they could teach about and provide value, then you'd have the key ingredients for a good summit. 

[17:49] The best way to learn about summits is actually to be on them. Contact people who are doing them and even be a speaker to see how it works. If you see online events and summits in the market, sign up. See the marketing and sales funnel that people are running, and you'll start to resonate with certain things. If the universe channels an excellent idea for you, then go for it.

[20:24] There's probably no other model other than summits that have created the list builds for major companies. Major publishers in the industry, especially in the online space, built their whole business through online events and summits. It's been the number one tool they've used over challenges, quizzes, and paid advertisements. The summit model has been a game-changer and will continue to evolve in the future. 


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