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Mar 3, 2022

It’s always energizing seeing newcomers launch their online courses and marketing. Starting something from scratch can be daunting but just like them, it’s key to have the mindset that pushes you forward to success.

The strongest energy a person can have when putting themselves out there is the power of conviction, and it can’t be acquired overnight.

Join Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik as they dive deep into the four pillars of conviction and how applying them to your work can change your marketing game.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — The 4 Pillars of Conviction & How it Drives Your Marketing Forward.

Key points covered in this episode:

Apply your core values. Many online marketers have skipped this step. Richard Taubinger explains his value of overdelivering and how, in essence, it becomes his way of expressing deep care for his clients. “I want to bring my highest values to the forefront so people know what I stand for.”

✓ Stay in your lane with what you’re best at. Richard Taubinger emphasizes the unnecessary pressure to be the best at everything. Discover the magic you possess that only you could share with the world. Whether it’s writing or video production, direct all your energies to it and aim for mastery. 

Find your secret sauce. Depending on your business journey, you may haven’t found yours. So ask yourself:

  • “What am I best at?”
  • “What do people come to me for naturally?”
  • “What do I have that I’m willing to execute even in tough times?”

For Kylie Slavik, family and friends turn to her for writing. She chooses to market and communicate her message through words, honing in on her core competency and using it to her advantage.

Create a method to transfer your magic onto others. What makes clients stay isn’t your secret sauce, but it’s how you sprinkle it onto them. Establish a proven systemized method on how you work your magic. Kylie Slavik shares that a fixed process allows you “to take multiple people at the same time.”

Boost your credibility and conviction with case studies. Richard Taubinger recommends compiling your best testimonials and highlighting them on your podcasts and social media pages. Kylie Slavik also reveals her best case. “It creates a feedback loop that I could never create on my own.”

[00:29:40] Having the four pillars of conviction is a superpower. Clearly lay them out, then use them to leverage your business and inspire you to give your best in your tasks. These pillars can also motivate you to get out of bed and get through the most difficult days.


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