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Jan 18, 2024

Feeling uneasy about the world of sales? Dive into this episode where we demystify the art of selling, especially for those who don't consider themselves natural salespeople.

Join Richard and Kylie as they welcome Nicole Cramer, a former teacher turned entrepreneurial sales and conversation coach. Nicole shares her unique journey from the classroom to the sales floor, revealing how she transformed her teaching skills into sales expertise. 

This episode is a treasure trove for anyone who feels apprehensive about sales, offering insights into overcoming limiting beliefs and embracing your inner salesperson. 

Discover her strategies for making sales feel natural and not "salesy," and understand why selling is ultimately about serving others.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast —The Art of Selling for Non-Salespeople

Key points covered in this episode:

00:00:00 Introduction

00:05:17 Sales is a Form of Service. Nicole shares her philosophy that 'selling is serving,' changing the game for those averse to traditional sales approaches. 

00:06:49 Overcoming the Fear of Sales. Nicole and Richard discuss strategies to help people see sales in a new light, focusing on relationship-building.

00:09:49 The Power of Authentic Conversations in Marketing. Kylie highlights the importance of genuine conversations in marketing. They discuss how reframing one's approach to conversations can lead to successful marketing strategies

00:15:33 Consultative Selling in Practice. Kylie shares her experience with a chiropractic office that successfully shifted to a high-ticket offering, guided by Nicole's advice.

00:17:42 Avoiding Sales Pitfalls. Richard steers the conversation to uncover common mistakes in sales. Nicole identifies key pitfalls such as going into conversations with a pitch mentality.

00:23:05 Directing Conversations Effectively. Nicole advises on the significance of understanding the purpose of each conversation. She suggests asking clients what would make the conversation successful for them. 

00:29:42 The Myth of Outsourcing Sales. Richard discusses the common myth that sales and marketing can be entirely outsourced, especially for personal brands.

00:34:11 The 'Exactly What to Say' Method. Kylie asks about Nicole's approach, based on the book "Exactly What to Say." Nicole explains that the effectiveness of sales is not just in the words used but in the approach to conversations. 

00:38:15 Sales as Personal Development. Richard reflects on how embracing sales can be a journey of personal development. He discusses how moving past old scripts and identities, and approaching sales with the right intention can transform lives. 

00:44:17 Selling Beyond Products and Services. Nicole concludes by emphasizing the significance of selling belief in oneself. She describes sales as a process of convincing clients to trust in their decision-making and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Nicole Cramer is a trailblazing entrepreneur and Sales Conversation Coach, renowned for her expertise in blending human connection, sales psychology, and strategic communication. She holds the distinction of being an Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide. After a remarkable seven-year stint in corporate sales, Nicole ventured into founding her coaching and training company, focusing on empowering women to enhance their earning potential through masterful sales conversations.

Her innovative approach transcends traditional sales tactics, integrating the art of conversation with the science of sales, making her a sought-after Keynote Speaker and Corporate Sales Trainer. Nicole's passion extends beyond her professional realm; she is an avid salsa dancer and a devoted dog parent to Cassie. Her current drive involves helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals redefine their sales strategies, ensuring they are authentic, effective, and deeply rooted in the principles of connection and engagement.







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