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Oct 14, 2021

Richard and Kylie discuss perfectionism. The pursuit of perfectionism can stop people before they start. The desire to be perfect, on the face of things, feels like a positive. Doing good work is important.

Doing it well is too, which is why many people stop themselves by feeling that things are never good enough. Richard and team see this often, so today they break down the perfectionism cure.

80% of highly creative people are perfectionists (or have perfectionist tendencies) which is more than double the population in general which is 30%.

Kylie shares from her personal experience that helped her understand the power of “good enough”. She wrote her first Facebook ad in a few minutes and put it up to see what would happen.

It was a huge success, yielding over 2.5 million in sales by the end of the campaign. She explains “what I started to realize is that I could guess, and I could win.”

Every time you launch, you learn what works, and you get the chance to improve from there.  As you progress, your launches get better, your results improve.  Richard explains that if you can’t get version one launched because it’s not perfect then you’ll never get feedback and experience to launch an improved version two.

Solution: hear how the seed launch concept can help you avoid your perfectionist tendencies. This is a great way to take faster action. Start serving, focus on the work and pay attention to what your audience responds to.

Perfectionism convenient truths:

  1. Focus on the headlines. It’s what most people read so make sure they are great. (The statistic on this is eye-opening!)

  2. The energy in the copy or the video matters. Focus on how you can serve and create results.

  3. Conviction matters! When you know you can get your clients the results they need, it will trump (almost) everything else.

Action matters.

Kylie and Richard explain how a small beta type program can help you get started.

You can only learn in the actual implementation and the doing. Kylie explains that planning and strategy have their place, but you won’t know what works until you implement. Hear how Conscious Marketer focuses on improvements mid-launch as they learn what’s working.

If you’re finding yourself getting stuck, commit to a launch date and share it with your team and your email list. Create momentum by holding yourself accountable to the people you want to serve.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. Instead, put your attention on how you serve others. You’ll get better, and you’ll be making an impact at the same time.  


Good to Great by Jim Collins