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Mar 31, 2022

Transdimensional seer, wisdom channel, and mystic mentor Katerina Satori’s life story is an inspiration to fellow spiritual visionaries to thrive in the modern market.

In a wisdom-rich 40 minutes, Katerina Satori takes us on a journey to her humble beginnings as an immigrant, the day she realized her life’s purpose, and her advice on how mystics can channel their energies and turn their work into an imperishable source of information for future generations.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — Thriving Mystics: Prosperity through Mystical Arts with Katerina Satori.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:02:42] Humbly receive the universe’s support. Mystical mentor Katerina Satori recalls her obstacle-filled heroine’s journey of immigrating to the US. With just $3 to her name, she held her breath and trusted the universe as she plunged into a new beginning.

[00:13:57] Heed the spiritual call. Starting out as a coach in the fields of business, health, and relationships, Katerina Satori shares her moment of awakening. As she stepped out of her spiritual closet, people paid attention, and everything in Katerina’s life began to align.

[00:20:44] Transcend the conversation of safety. Katerina Satori advises closeted mystics to bravely transition in showing their full gifts to the world. Modern times have become a receptive field to all things spiritual and physical, so to make the most of this sovereign lifetime and lead with service.


[00:23:53] Diversify your talents and offerings. Getting stuck doing one-on-one sessions or delivering workshops is exhausting. Running every client through your body can lead to burnout. Transcend from your stuck attachments and codify your wisdom.

[00:30:32] Awaken your spiritual hustle. Become creative, find joy in experimenting with different channels, and speak from your heart.

Ask yourself:

  • “How can I tell my story in a new way?”
  • “How can I reach more people?”
  • “How can I serve my community better?”

Marketing visibility is as sacred as channeling mediumship healing work. There’s no better time than now when accessing the world is just one click away.

[00:37:22] Telling the truth of your soul is a gradual process. Dumping pity posts on social media isn’t the solution. Get to know yourself better, and identify your strength. What would be the most heartfelt way to let somebody see your soul? Writing? Video? Podcasting?

[00:43:35] Turn on your lighthouse and build a community. Katerina Satori dislikes using the term “followers.” She wants people to be inspired and be part of her positive circle where everyone can freely share their stories and support each other.

Katerina Satori’s ultimate devotion is to evolutionary consciousness. Her work is focused on guiding visionary leaders to stand fully in this devotion, too, through transcending stuck attachments, embodying their genius, and ascending into ecstatic co-creation with life.

After moving to the USA at age 23 with $3 in her pocket, she worked towards the spiritual initiation that would forever shape her devotion, and anchor her mission. Katerina is a transdimensional seer, wisdom channel, mystical mentor, and forever student of the path of ecstasy.


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