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The Conscious Marketer

Jun 16, 2022

Conscious marketers, are you ready for Web3? While we are only now seeing a glimpse of this fast-evolving digital infrastructure, and a peek into its unlimited potential, it's high time we understand how we can fit into this new, exciting and for many — intimidating space. 

Video Marketer and CEO of Serious Take Productions, Tamara Thompson, shares how we should wear a new lens looking at our business and making it more adaptable as we approach advertising, marketing, and content creation in the metaverse. 

Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast —Web3 and the Future of Content Marketing with Tamara Thompson.

Key points covered in this episode: 

People often ask, what's the difference between Web2 and Web3? Simply put, it is transitioning into a new and decentralized internet. Individuals, creators, and business owners can step into a space where content becomes an asset to which they own the rights. 

✅ Web3 content empowers loyalty by creating products and experiences for your customers. Transactions will be made on the blockchain, and being open to accepting cryptocurrency is a requirement because it's where the future is heading. 

Tamara shares her journey in understanding the mechanisms around Web3. "What's unique is finding these communities. Instead of using Facebook groups, they use Twitter, Discord and Telegram, where everyone's nice and kind. People want to help and support each other. And that's what drew me in, is having these conversations with people I didn't know who were willing to help educate me. We're starting to build our own Discord community to teach other people what they can do to help apply this to their business."

Collaborating for a mission. You can work with communities that resonate with you to get started. Tamara is launching a 10,000 piece NFT collection with an artist to help more women step confidently into the Web3 space.

Content marketing is going on a fast-paced mode now. If you're not consistently posting the content or being the authority in your niche, you'll lose out. Tamara suggests different ways to create content within the space using NFTs and empowering communities to build your brand solidly.

Video is the most crucial piece of Web2, and video will keep growing with Web3, as well. Tamara shares ideas of creating NFTs with video clips, getting more creative, and becoming more consistent with what you put out. 

Authenticity will never grow old. In building your brand and communities in Web3, you still want to provide that customer experience that infuses your personality and everything you stand for. 

You're never too early when you start incorporating Web3 in your business now. Research, learn, build the momentum and go through the experience. When things don't work out, you have the chance to tweak and create great ideas. Tamara reminds you not to be like most people who hold themselves back or who just don't take action.

Tamara Thompson is the CEO of Serious Take Productions, an Investor, Keynote Speaker, & Video Marketer. She's directed her passion to build an agency that helps serve business leaders and brands to optimize YouTube, podcasting, and gain visibility through repurposing micro-content at consumable engaging lengths.

Connect with Tamara:

Instagram: @TamaraThompsonOfficial 




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