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The Conscious Marketer

Sep 12, 2021

Welcome teachers, healers, authors and everyone in the Conscious Marketer community. What is a conscious marketer? Hosts Richard and Kylie share how they figured that out for themselves and how they do that for their clients. In true conscious marketing style, they are explaining what works and why. Today they break down myth one and how to move past the old belief.  

From day one Richard recognized that healers and teachers wanted to market in a way that aligned with their values. He didn’t see himself as an agency owner until someone else referred to him that way.

Kylie refers to herself as an “accidental marketer” (seeing a trend here) who realized that using story was a powerful way to move people and affect change.  When given a chance to use her formula she applied it to Facebook ads. Hear how she made it work and the results that followed.

Richard outlines one of the marketing myths that keep the most well-intentioned marketer from making an impact. Embracing these myths can act as limiting beliefs and stop you from applying any effective marketing.  

Marketing Myth One:

Marketing is manipulative. Shining a light on this is a big part of helping others change how they approach their own marketing.

A few things to consider:

What if your marketing made people feel better?

How can marketing make people feel safe?

If your marketing inspired people, how would that impact your business?

5 Questions to Understand Conscious Marketing

  • How can marketing add value and add transformation even before a sale?
  • How can my marketing start to solve the problem my client is experiencing?
  • How can marketing help others see the blocks or obstacle that clients may not even realize exist?
  • Can you give a framework in your marketing?
  • How can marketing show what is truly possible?

How can you use story to create value?

Kylie shares the brain-science behind old-school manipulation-style marketing and why it doesn’t work. Hear how the neurological impact of storytelling makes us want to lean in, learn more and create connections.

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