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The Conscious Marketer

Apr 14, 2022

As conscious marketers, we, too, forget that change requires shedding the old habits that are no longer serving us. If we go forward without understanding what's kept us stuck, then the internal resistances will continually make things difficult. 

If you are genuinely ready to change, discover the steps to take what we teach inside our accelerator program. 


Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast —What it Means to Be on the Conscious Marketer's Path

with Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik.


Key points covered in this episode: 

Step 1: Know your true purpose. If you ask people what they truly want, many don't know. And for those who do know, they're afraid to pursue it because it might be something far different from what they're already accomplishing. 

Remember, you don't get to figure this out from just thinking. It would be best if you took action in discovering your soul's purpose. It can come through meditation, time in nature, dreams, visions, chance encounters, serendipity, and spontaneity. It comes from going into a state where the mind can receive. And then, once you find it, you'd wish you knew everything sooner. Pursue your truth and move forward.

Step 2: Make a decision and go for it. You can create every excuse ever made. I'm too young. I'm too old. I'm too sick. I'm too smart. I'm too stupid. I'm too ugly. What's interesting is whatever you think is impossible, there's probably somebody out there doing it already, moving toward it. And whatever constraint you believe you have or feel you have, there's probably somebody that was like 100 times more in worse circumstances and still made it happen. The decision to change and go all in is vital.

Step 3: Be aware of any mindsets holding you back and clear them. You can't be the same person when you go for your soul purpose. You have to become a different person. Make an inventory of your beliefs, and release anything that's holding you back. Because if you go forward without understanding what's kept you in place, these internal resistances will really make it difficult. It's like swimming through the mud blind and carrying a weighty backpack.

Step 4: Build a simple strategy that works. After being discouraged by other coaches, many people come to us frustrated, as they are told that the product or service they offer is not for a real niche or it's not sellable. 

With Conscious Marketer, one thing we offer clients is to help them thrive with their unique talents and gifts. Should you discover what you're here on this planet to do, and you are willing to make it come alive — we are here to help you. We truly believe that these outdated and worn-out stories that maybe were applicable at one point in history should no longer be controlling things that keep us from living our full potential in one way or another. 

Step 5: Implement and adjust. As you grow, adjust your strategy, and then you're off to the races to build whatever you're creating in the world, whether it be a product, service, nonprofit organization or movement. Reach the people you are here to serve and map the market that's unique to you by working from the inside out. 


Choose the unique platform you're going to launch on. The key is choosing a process that's proven. 

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