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The Conscious Marketer

Apr 21, 2022

Matt Kreinheder has high hopes for modern entrepreneurs.

In the volatile landscape of today, business owners are incentivized to find solutions for the never-ending surge of problems.

Though soaring profits are alluring and somewhat inevitable, Matt Kreinheder’s mission is to introduce and integrate spiritual practices in every skilled entrepreneur’s decision to produce benevolent products and services that create a positive impact on the planet.


Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — Why Mystics Must Save the World with Matt Kreinheder.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Matt Kreinheder helps people excavate their undiscovered gifts to transform the world. He emphasizes that entrepreneurs are bound to make the biggest difference to the planet.

✔️ Being a mystic in the internet age has never been easier. It has gifted us unlimited access to a buffet of spiritual experiences for our personal consumption. But Matt Kreinheder thinks keeping your sacred practice hidden is selfish. “What’s needed is for people to come back down and be of service in the marketplace.”

✔️ Recognize structure, flow, and rhythm. These three concepts bring nimbleness and agility to your business. Your unique magic will come out once you start adding them.

✔️ Be in touch with your body for flow. Your external vessel can process data when a leg needs stretching or your stomach is calling out to be filled. Being in touch with your animalistic perspective brings you closer to your inner spirituality.

✔️ The five seconds after meditation is as important as the practice itself. Matt Kreinheider explains that quiet time doesn’t have to stop when the bell rings. It should follow through in your next movements. This integrates the spiritual experience into daily life.

✔️ Today is the greatest window of opportunity for business owners to make a mark. Entrepreneurs are wired to take problems, find solutions, and provide value. 

✔️ Measure your meaningful impact. How would you know your business decisions are positively moving society forward? Use the scientific process. Seeing the numbers pushes you out of the uninformed cycle and gives you room for more progress.

✔️ Find your unique support circle that fits your habits and needs. What is your preferred form of guidance and encouragement? Two hugs a day? A piece of tough advice? A chit-chatty meal out? Whatever it may be, inform your trusted circle.

✔️ The mystical journey stands on two legs: the ascendant and the imminent arcs. Staying aligned with both awakens our inner power. Matt Kreinheider considers weightlifting as his form of “spiritual cross-training”.

✔️ Use aggression as an energy source for creativity. Utilize this innate human drive and channel it to pursue greater things.

Matt Kreinheider is a Coach for High Performing Spiritual Entrepreneurs. As a practicing chiropractor and running a music store business, he immersed himself in Zen, personality, profiles, astrology, and his skills after realizing his unhappy position. Since then, he shared his wisdom with like-minded people, creating a new company called MetaMastermind, offering over 20,000 retreats and healing sessions for entrepreneurs and counting. His clients have landed on the Billboard Top 40 and Shark Tank, launched six-figure events, and tripled their businesses.


He believes, “The evolutionary journey of spiritual entrepreneurship has different rules and you need someone who has walked those paths and has the maps.”

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