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The Conscious Marketer

May 5, 2022

Everything you need is already within you! Spiritual Coach, Visionary and Author Gaby Puma reminds us of the value of creating a sacred dialogue within ourselves. "That sense of recognition, through observing, making and receiving the downloads from the universal mind, creates that sense of oneness in the universal field." 

Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast —Indigenous Wisdom in Coaching, Healing & Beyond 

with Gaby Puma.


Key points covered in this episode: 


[00:05:43] Gaby shares her origin story of being born in a small village in Peru growing up in indigenous ways of ancient spirituality. Visitors piqued her interest in a different life path, hearing stories from travelers from around the world planted seeds to go about and find out more about.


✔️The transition of entering the coaching world happened for Gaby in 2017. Before that, she ran spiritual retreats and trips for high impact leaders around Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. She helps people reconnect to a sense of oneness and achieve a true purpose in the world of business. 

✔️ Gaby emphasizes how you can be a spiritual coach, healer and a well-accomplished entrepreneur at the same time. Make peace that desiring a higher life is okay. What is required is first finding a balance between pursuing your goals without losing your sense of wholeness, integrity and commitment to yourself and reconnecting to that sense of love outwards.

✔️ Our capitalist world disconnects us from finding and serving the true purpose we came here for. Dedicate yourself to finding your truths, and don't lose track of that connection to love more, serve more and become more.

✔️ Everything is already within your higher self. We must create the sacred dialogue inside ourselves. "That sense of recognition, through observing, making and receiving the downloads from the universal mind, creates that sense of oneness in the universal field." 

✔️ In every moment, ask: Who am I being? When big events happen, dealing with your family, friends or your partner, be mindful of how you react and who you are choosing to be at that moment. Doing so puts you innately in communion with that sense of connection to your higher self.

✔️ You are pure magnificence. Whether you lead a high life riding in your Lambo or a homeless person in the streets, we are here to create and shift our world. We are planted with the same seed of greatness within us. 

✔️  You are LOVE made into FORM. Become aware of and commit to serving yourself and everything around you. Give to yourself, your family, your community, and our beautiful world.

✔️ Live an enlightened life and honor your lightning. In Peru, it is historically believed that getting hit by lightning and surviving the experience tells that you have become the chosen one. It leaves a mark on the body and renders the person changed. "The possibility to live an enlightened life requires honoring our lightning, the most direct and strongest sign coming from the great spirit." You often become a better person by overcoming the thunderbolts of joy and tribulations. 

Gaby Puma is a Spiritual Coach, Visionary and Author. She is a #1 International Bestselling Author of the book Woman Who Lead. She has helped over 8,000 people transform their lives for over 20 years. She especially loves helping Magnificent Women Visionaries re-ignite them into their own sense of oneness and wholeness for a prosperous and joyful Life.


Gaby was featured in the Business Innovators Magazine, Spotlight Magazine, NBS, CBS, FOX and The TED platforms.

She has been interviewed on multiple high profile podcasts sharing 

her signature message on Self Awareness and Spirituality.

Find more about Gaby's work: 


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