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Mar 24, 2022

Teacher, author, founder of Creative Life Sciences, personal advisor, and friend - these are just some titles Nand Harjani carries on his belt of professional and personal experiences.

Nand has created a huge impact as an energy master and expert-level intuitive, helping corporate leaders and people from all walks of life to uncover and use their ethereal realm to make better decisions and live their days to the fullest.

These substantial 40 minutes will definitely change your perspective on how to channel your energy, develop your intuition, and open yourself up to the synchronicities of the universe.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — Business Decisions Using Life Force Energy With Nand Harjani.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Step up, and follow your heart’s desire. Nand Harjani recalls his corporate past and constantly fighting against the call to pursue contextual readings in the business world. He adds that he guides clients with intuitive advice in both work and personal situations.

✔️ The ethereal realm is an untapped reservoir of information. Throughout our lives, we collect feedback through our emotional mindsets and learned behaviors. Relying solely on these puts us in an endless loop of choosing the same things.

✔️ Each of us has an information-rich aura contained in our ethereal bodies. Nand Harjani believes in using aura interpretation in informed decision-making, especially in the business world. Results have shown 90% accuracy in the past 20 years.

[00:10:17] Package transformation in your audience’s language. Spiritual work can be overwhelming. Present information in a simple way and offer tools for business and personal applications to create the most seamless and convenient customer experience.

✔️ Use the counting exercise. It’s a simple but effective practice to disconnect you from emotion and learned behaviors, so you can make better decisions in the spur of the moment. Whether for personal or business situations, it can easily avoid most arguments and petty outbursts.

✔️ Be in tune with synchronicity. From birth to death, the universe gives us information that is part of our destinies. Whether they are subtle or blatant, it’s our choice to pay attention to these messages or refuse them altogether.

✔️ Nand Harjani shares two case studies of his work. These situations involved trouble-shooting machines, and helping an individual overcome emotional barriers to a significant relationship.

✔️ Whatever the intuition train presents, it becomes part of your existence. Intuition is definitely a skill that can be taught, although time-intensive. But once you get on board, nobody can take it away from you.

Get into your flow state, synchronize with the inner workings of the universe, and see abundance move into you as you navigate through daily life.

Nand Harjani is the founder and managing principal of Creative Life Sciences which he founded in the late 1990s. He is widely known for his highly accurate and effective personal and business readings, energy balancing, energy adjustments, and public talks globally. In those capacities, he has assisted individuals, as well as businesses, to gain clarity, release old and destructive patterns, and has guided them in their life paths towards a more powerful, self-actualizing, and inspired existence. He has appeared on television, radio, and has been interviewed for magazine and newspaper articles globally. As an Energy Master and Expert-Level Intuitive, and in his heartfelt capacity as a teacher, Nand developed Creative Life Sciences’ highly effective training


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