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Dec 16, 2021

Andrea Sampson found her true calling in helping people get their stories out into the world. As the CEO of Talk Boutique and one of the industry's best coaches for TEDx speakers, she lives for the vital mission of helping experts and change-makers become thought leaders.

Tune in to this new episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast — Telling Stories To Change The World with Andrea Sampson.

Key points covered in this episode:

[1:38] Listen to Andrea's origin story. Having spent most of her career in advertising over 20 years working for some of the largest brands in the world, she had a nagging feeling of being an idealist in a capitalist world. "It wasn't doing me any favors for my own heart of working in that capitalist world. And I started looking around what I could do that would serve my heart as well as my pocket? I stumbled upon a really unique volunteer opportunity when I was asked to be a speaker's coach at TEDxToronto. I was given the opportunity to coach some of the smartest people I had ever met in my life."

[6:01] The birth of Talk Boutique. Many experts and leaders are so busy doing the work they forget to tell anyone about it. That is when Andrea found a problem to solve and later launched her business. "When they don't tell us their story, we get robbed of the opportunity to understand the good work that's happening in the world. So we decided that we would open Talk Boutique as both a speakers bureau helping aspiring speakers get the book, do the video, get that talk down, and present it to the world. And we would do that by coaching them and connecting them with the people who could help them make an impact."


[8:45] From the page to the stage. You get the opportunity to hook people in with the words you write or speak. "Have the courage to start with your story. Whether you try to sell people in an email, a social post or stand on stage to deliver a talk - you have three seconds to captivate your audience. No one wants to engage in a sales pitch. But they do want to engage in a story."

[22:59] Are you a thought leader? Andrea Sampson reminds us that it takes three things to become a thought leader.

First, become an expert communicator. If you think of a good leader, you'll see underneath it that they communicate with empathy and inspire others to take action. Metaphor, analogy, and other language tools are powerful when employed and touching emotions to persuade or inform. 

Second, have a personal brand that people connect or align with. The persona you create for yourself is what people see and connect with emotionally. Be in integrity with who you are and what you value. 

Third, build a community. People come and want to follow you because they believe in what you're saying. Give them a place to meet online and offline. Understand who your community is and allow them to interact with each other as well as with you.  

[34:42] Don't be afraid to use your voice; it is the most powerful tool you have. If you need to be reminded today: know that you are powerful. You have an idea, and the world needs you. A person or a whole community may just be waiting for what you have to offer. Stop doubting yourself, articulate your message and tell others. 

Andrea Sampson is an Executive Speaker's Coach, Communication Expert and Business Strategist. She uses her well-defined listening skills combined with insight identification and human behavior to craft stories from facts and helps build and deliver clear, compelling, and deeply engaging talks.


Andrea founded Talk Boutique in 2016 to help those with important stories to tell by helping them to create TEDx Talks that inspire millions!

Learn more about Andrea by visiting or dropping her an email 


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