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Feb 24, 2022

Visual storytelling expert Cassie Clouser has always been a creative carving her own path.

After years of musical and artistic gigs, a hand injury left her with a fresh perspective and a dissolving of the ego as she built a more meaningful and powerful career of helping brands tell their stories.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — The Art of Visual Brand Storytelling with Cassie Clouser.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ What is visual storytelling? Your brand’s choice of colors, symbols, and textures must carry your message and communicate it in an eye-catching and understandable way. “The visual is the fastest mechanism to receive information.”

✔️ An element of good visual storytelling is evoking the right emotions. Cassie Clouser shares the importance of using symbols that stimulate both left and right-brain thinking to increase understanding and encourage action - all with just an image. “I do branding and graphic website design work with one of the largest civil rights nonprofits in the country. It’s been my job over the past year to rebrand them. That’s a big task. What they want their audience to feel that was different than before that my art creates visually is the feeling of belonging and mobilization.”

✔️ Turn your client’s unconscious knowledge into reality. Cassie Clouser explains her process in getting down into the details of her clients’ ideas and how she brings them to life. “I use a storytelling approach in my process that leads up to design. So we’re bringing out many different stories, and I have a few different stages of that exchange of information, wherein the beginning, it's just downloading. I'm drawing out as much as I can. And then there's this point of beautiful confusion that happens where the upload starts coming through, and we have the right stories.”

[00:15:48] Your storytelling should speak to your audience. Cassie Clouser uses Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey when helping clients uncover their brand stories. Ask yourself:

  • “Do we represent our audience’s challenges and desires?”
  • “Are we building trust?”
  • “Are we painting the story of life after purchasing our product?”
  • “Does it make sense and feel good when I’m talking about it?”

✔️ Apply “story as code.” Cassie Clouser believes that our entire lives are a series of codes - from our genetic makeup to our daily experiences - which can all be told with just a symbol. “A story is a way to pass information from different experiences and common symbolism.” [00:24:36][9.3]

✔️ Find that immense value that is important to your audience.

Your brand should find that sweet spot - that feeling of being real and valuable - to win over your customers. This goes hand-in-hand with creating a good design for visual storytelling. Your message should matter to your audience.

Cassie Clouser is The Brand Mythologist™. She helps companies create inspiring impressions through bold, story-driven branding and graphic design. As a former TEDx speaker and branding lead for TEDx Youngstown, Cassie shows her clients how to weave stories and visuals to create transformative experiences. She has helped numerous brands tap into the hero, the challenges, and the deepest desires through her unique Brand Mythology™ process. The process leverages a rich, multi-sensory perspective to inspire audiences, influence through visual storytelling, and turn on the BRAND HEAT!




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