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Dec 9, 2021

One big thing that holds conscious entrepreneurs back is their belief in market saturation. They are often afraid to start, believing that there are just too many players around or that there are no more buyers in the market. This prevents them from conceiving whatever genius they have inside them and birth the product or service that many people need. 

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:01:47] There's no saturation ever because what people are buying is YOU — they're not necessarily buying a product or service. 

Especially for those in the transformation space, your clients who desire to achieve the change seek that transformation by what they see in you. 

[00:03:22] Conscious Marketer CEO Richard cites his experience when he first started teaching digital marketing. "The unique approach we have developed within our agency and with our clients is quite different from what other people do. Some people want to learn from me, and others don't, and that's OK."

[00:02:40] When you go against the grain of what you're really here to do, things get miserable, stressed & get out of alignment.   Kylie Slavik shares how business can be difficult, and so many quit, yet those who are meant to do the work will always create their niche.

[00:03:47] Consider that new people always want to learn something new and enter the market. They will come looking for you and the unique thing that only you can provide. Make sure you have to be somewhere where they can find you. 

[00:06:12] Ryan Mckenzie - Co-Founder of Tru Earth, is an example of breaking through in the market with eco-friendly household products. He came along with this new way of doing it and convinced people to switch to zero waste and grow exponentially.

[00:07:58] Imagine if Richard Branson didn't start his airplane business because he thought it was saturated? It would have been a big miss for those who love the experience with his brands, which are fun and reliable in many ways. 

[00:09:33] Take courage to go forward, create your brand and give the world your gifts.  If you've found something that's so unique and nobody is doing it often, that's a sign that it may not even work. That may not always be the case, but you actually want to find markets that have a lot of entrants in there because what that means is that people are already buying and consuming, and you can look at what those other people are doing. And you know that there's a developed market.  

[00:11:05] Ask yourself these questions:  How do I differentiate myself? How would I make it unique? What creativity could I bring in? What new customer base aren't they serving, or is coming into that market that I could align with and serve better than other people? Or how can I do it locally? 


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